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Flourite Crystals

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5" Green GEM FLUORITE Crystals - China

Flourite Crystals

Mysteries of Heavenly Cloud Pearls


1.  Description of pearl. 

Approximate size and shape of a chicken egg, translucent blue with distinct tight spiral running from bottom to top of outside surface area.   Heavy like a rock, and rough in texture, but with a porous surface that is particularly smooth in small areas which, appearing quite shiny, are clearly more porous than others.  The inner body of the pearl has a diffusion pattern that appears somewhat like an inclusion one might see inside an ice cube.   Megha Mani is generally translucent with a moderate degree of opacity, but when the surface is wet from either water or oil, the entirety of the gem, when looked through from top to bottom, functions as a transparent lens if sufficient light is cast on the observed surface.

The spiral has an unusual feature wherein if the eyes focus on the top endpoint looking in, the surrounding spiral viewed along the edge surfaces creates a very surprising visual effect.  Basically, the focal point shifts (similar to 'looking glass' 3-dimensional pictures which appear once the eyes 'enter into' a patterned 2-dimensional image) as the two ends of the spiral meet in an optical 3-d space, with the net effect that the spiral actually appears to be a deep tunnel into dimensional space non-local to the physical environment.

Variant Cloud Pearls according to tribal traditions are reported to exist which are called "Thundercloud Pearls", in addition to different varieties of Cloud Pearl lacking the traditional spiral formation.  There is also what appears to be a sister gem known as the "sky pearl" which is common to two disparate collections- one from Indonesia and one in a Himalayan foothill between Tibet and Nepal; the latter are reported as more opaque and containing embedded geometric patterns.  In these cases, while the gems may be closely related to a greater Megha Mani family, the Hindu tradition is widely expectant of blue gems with a single spiral formation.

2.  References to the pearl within sacred texts.


Sri Garuda Puranam, Chapter LXIX (69) -"Suta said... A cloud-grown pearl rarely reaches this mortal globe, and usually falls to the lot of the celestials.  By illuminating the four quarters of the sky with its native lustre, a cloud-begotten pearl, like the sun dispels the gloom of a cloudy day.  Outshining the combined effulgence of the fire, the moon, and the myriads of scintillating stars, such a pearl, like the dawn of day, can dispel the gloom of even the darkest night on earth.  The whole earth, girdled by the four oceans containing innumerable gems in the fathomless depths, can not be deemed as the adequate price of such a pearl, even if she be covered over with layers of pure gold.  A man, born in indigence and of humble parents, but happening to be the possessor of such a pearl, only through the transformation of a good deed done in a previous existence, is sure to be the paramount sovereign of the entire surface of the Earth.  Not to the good deeds of the king alone, but to the better fortune of the whole humanity, should be ascribed the advent of such a man on earth, and no evil would ever strike the land to the extent of a thousand Yojanas (a Yojana is about 8 to 9 miles) round the place of his birth."

Reports have come to the fore that in the holy texts, a Cloud Pearl is actually the heart of Vishnu himself, while in another indication it is reported that the flowers of Vishnu's garland become Cloud Pearls as they fall to earth.  The continued expansion of our Vedic library will facilitate these references for our publication.

3.  Theological alignment of a given pearl group (i.e. presiding deity)

The Megha Mani is almost certainly an artifact belonging to the continuum of Lord Vishnu.

4.  Cosmological Inherents (i.e. gem of Heaven, Underworld)

Clearly indicated as a gem from Heaven.

5.  Religious or cultural significance of given pearl variety.

We have come to understand through Vedic tradition that the class of artifacts known as The Cloud Pearls have deeper spiritual significance than the other gems investigated herein.

6.  Cross-references noted within Varahamihira.

The Brhat Samhita reinforces the existence of Cloud Pearls using the following language-

"They say that pearl is produced in the clouds of the seventh layer of wind in the sky in the manner of hail-stones.  It falls there with the brilliance of lightning and is taken away (before it reaches the earth) by the denizens of heaven. "


7.  Ritual handling of the artifact.

It has been suggested that puja in the manner of the Cobra and Boar Head Pearls is appropriate.

Vedic advisory has indicated that it is imperative to obtain a Dakshinavarti Shankh when owning a Cloud Pearl so that it will not 'act up'; that the presence of the Conch (which symbolically pairs the Vishnu Pearl with its Lakshmi Shankh counterbalance) is necessary to cause the pearl to settle down.

8.  Stipulations regarding ownership.

Our Vedic advisory indicates that it is not easy to understand what one is dealing with regarding Cloud Pearls, noting that it would be disastrous if owners relinquish them in many cases; and that ownership carries responsibility regarding lives of others beyond an owner.

During several discussions on the same, it was noted that the Cloud Pearl is unhappy due to specific circumstances, which coincided with the appearance of an unhealthy-looking green layer similar to algae on the surface of the pearl.  These instructions and concerns have been a primary topic with our Vedic advisory, and we consider such ultimately authoritative in Vedic practice on how pearls should be properly administrated.

9.  Historical references.

Even beyond the Vedas, a large body of ancient literature is rife with legends of mysterious blue pearls possessing magical or miraculous characteristics, often taking owners to heights and depths of desire and despair.  One of the most interesting is in the well-known 2200 BCE Epic of Gilgamesh, at a point wherein hero Gilgamesh (at the end of his long and tiring adventure) makes one more shot at rising beyond his mortal existence... expending the last of his energy to seek a legendary undersea object that would bring eternal life, health, and healing.  The translation between western and eastern accounts of the Epic vary on the interpretation of a word translated either "plant" or "pearl".  Using the eastern translation, Gilgamesh, at great expense of energy, dives under water to obtain the blue pearl which he recovers, against all odds.  However, he is so tired that he falls asleep on the shore, at which time a snake comes and swallows his gem.  The story ends in resignation to cruel twists of mortal fate, however the mechanics of this exchange are at least salient to snakes swallowing magical gems from underwater; a reasonable proposition to the cuneiform reader at the Mesopotamian branch of the Sumerian library.  While this sort of event sequence could even be direct anecdotal testimony by a witness to this behavior between snakes and gems, the blue pearl and its conveyed irreplaceable and unearthly properties make the loss of Gilgamesh appear more like a Cloud Pearl.

While Gilgamesh resided far from the heart of the Indus basin, the Vedic realities of mortals owning effulgent blue heavenly gems conferred by deities are largely a juxtaposition of the infinitely powerful and the impossibly weak.  In one holy text, Lord Surya (representing a view of God as having characteristics of the Sun) presented a heavenly blue gem to his disciple, Prasanjit, whom he felt truly deserved it.  It was a private gift, but responsibility for accepting it found the mortal Prasanjit in over his head. Prasanjit visited the court of Lord Krishna wearing his gift, but the courtiers apparently felt concerned that the image of Krishna, and thusly their own, was diminished by someone wearing an accessory that Krishna didn't have.  Out of envy, the sycophants tried to manipulate Prasanjit into feeling worthless next to Krishna, hoping he would donate his gem out of guilt or self-loathing.  Prasanjit wasn't prepared to deal wiith this and made the mistake of trying to process his feelings and hunt wild game at the same time.

Walking unprepared into a more direct form of combat, this time against a lion, Pransanjit was overcome.  The lion took the blue Mani from dead Prasanjit, but was instantly killed by a bear entering the scene trying to possess the heavenly gem. The bear, Jambvant, an associate of Lord Rama, took the blood-drenched Mani to his cave and in turn gave it to his children as a plaything.  Meanwhile, the same courtiers that tried to manipulate Prasanjit apparently decided to see if their propaganda could manipulate Krishna himself, and spoke of foul play when Prasanjit didn't return.  Likely they implied that Krishna killed him for the pearl, or either projected that onto him based on how they themselves felt.   For reasons of his own, Krishna left the court to look for Prasanjit, and when he found instead a family of bears, lion parts, and a frenzy around the pearl, he knew that Prasanjit was certainly dead.  Moreover, the bears were damaging the pearl, and in light of the fact that the bears were suspects in Prasanjit's demise, he immediately snatched the broken pearl from Jambvant, who didn't think twice and attacked Krishna to get the pearl back.  However, he didn't know it was Krishna, whom he feared, and ultimately offered his daughter to Krishna along with the pearl in an act of submission.

Krishna went home and fixed the pearl.  He ignored the courtiers and put the pearl somewhere, no one really knows where.  The rumor exists to this day that Krishna kept the heavenly blue pearl for himself, however he may also also have buried the pearl at Pransanjit's grave.

10.  State of scientific analysis.

We have done no scientific analysis on this class of artifact.

11.  Geographical origin.

Sumbawa, Indonesia.

12.  Scientific considerations for full overview.

This artifact has some properties which can be explored, such as an examination of light diffusion observed when the pearl is hit by different forms of illumination.  The pearl seems to throw tiny single or multiple photon diffusions as an optical characteristic. Another analysis is a non-intrusive DNA-test to explore whether the pearl substrate may be at least partially composed of genetic material.

The 3d tunnel-effect produced by the spiral should be researched for similar examples both in naturally occurring mineral formations as well as similar man-made art throughout all known history, as well as investigation within broad bodies of sacred geometry involving spirals and their capacity to affect brainwave states; also aggregate analysis of historical meditation objects.

The likelihood remains that a Cloud Pearl is postulated as of infinite physical value only in an abstract sense when compared (from the standpoint of a deity) to its effectiveness to produce either meditative states, spiritual awakening or other personal development (which no amount of money could buy), but which a deity may see as a way to help an aspirant's progress.

13.  Archaeologist review.

The observed spiral formations may have a personal precedent observed in fulgurites of river banks struck by lighting.  Lightning hitting sand mixed with flourite could create a composite of blue translucent silicate complex; some unusual target point may have then been responsible for producing the spiral.  The possibility exists that the artifact is some form of petrified egg and should be subjected to DNA testing.

14.  Hindu intelligence.

The Cloud Pearl entry into the city was noted intuitively by some team members, and specific weather patterns were predicted remotely by the Hindu priest which were confirmed to have occured by the Vedic jeweler the following day.

A Cloud Pearl has been observed at a specific Shiva temple in India.

The number of rings around a Cloud Pearl face is known within the Hindu knowledge set.   While we did not know that the Cloud Pearl was one continuous spiral before viewing it locally, this fact, the color, and other characteristics were already known to our Hindu associates and the artifacts were immediately recognized and validated upon examination.

15.  Gemological opinion.

Our Vedic jeweler reports that a Cloud Pearl was submitted for scientific testing from a temple in India some time ago.  The resulting report was that the substrate of the gem most closely resembled lava, however the greater body of tradition towards any testing of such gems is that it is a waste of time, that they are beyond any testing, and that testing will never yield a conclusive result.

16.  Artist overview.

The composition is without question not man-made, however the spiral was likely carved by hand with a shell by a Hindu holy man hundreds if not thousands of years ago.  The egg-like shape was almost certainly not the original formation of the substrate, but was likely carved out of a larger block.  The 3-d tunnel effect caused by the spiral was created intentionally with full knowledge of the visual effect that would be produced.  The porosity of the substrate may reveal that it is not mineral but comprised of genetic material.  The blue color was likely the result of an unexpected chemical reaction between two disparate minerals under exposure to air or pressure.  The Cloud Pearl is beautiful and has a definitive feel of authenticity.  It is possible that the stone is a large uncut sapphire.

17.  Anecdotal reports.

To the observer, the gems seem constantly active, and others note a low-volume high pitch sound.  Some notice a swirling visual pattern.  Color hues change gradually over weeks and months, and occasionally white chalky surface matter emerges.  At other times the aforementioned green film appears, and is very difficult to completely remove, but disappears over time.

18.  Personal observances.

The Cloud Pearl appears to be some form of meditation device rather than a precious gem per se.  Anyone approaching a Cloud Pearl with the intent of 'enter the spiral' as we indicate may stare transfixed for inordinate periods of time and later emerge quite tired but with little explanation about the experience.  Biofeedback or other brainwave monitoring devices would be highly informative in describing delta between pre-Cloud Pearl state and midstream Cloud Pearl access.

19.  Social response of observers.

Somewhat speechless, stunned, cautious, respectful.

20.  Cross-cultural  references.

None known at this time, barring those cited earlier.

21.   Miscellaneous subtleties.

The gems have a definite other-worldly feeling, with a sense that the are both very old and very futuristic.

22.   Relative Scarcity of pearl.

Rarest of the rare.  One confirmed available for placement, which unlike other known specimens is small enough to fit on a pendant.   The owner has agreed that Divine Net Galleries will be allowed to represent the brokerage of this gem specimen to interested buyers.

23.   Known Placements.

We do now where several of these are and who owns them, as the owners have a difficult time keeping it quiet.  As far as temples and other holy sites, these placements are presently unknown to us.  We are aware that minimally one cloud pearl exists by private collectors in the following areas:  Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.  We would need to seek permission before publicly identifying any of the owner's identities.

24.   Relative Valuation Criteria.

Oral tradition transcribed withinSri Garuda Purana states that a Cloud Pearl is of greater value than the total mass of the Earth's oceans filled with an averaged mass of gold and precious stones.  While the oceanic mass starts out at something like 2x10^24 kg, we will compute this some time as a matter for posterity.

25.  Indicated ownership benefits.

The Cloud Pearl is described in such a way in Sri Garuda Purana that one would infer that there is nothing of greater value in the entire world.  The mysterious object is said to form within a cloud, considered so valuable that it is usually stolen by demigods, and that it has the unusual property of protecting an owner's entire country from evil at a radius of 8,000 miles from their birthplace.  An obtainer of such an artifact is purportedly turned into a conduit to help meet human needs.  It is also indicated that the object contains an 'effulgence' (also used to describe properties of the Cobra Pearl) which is sufficient to make the darkest night shine like the sun.  In addition, the price is also set for a Cloud Pearl using a simple equation that defines the maximum value which a Megha Mani will always exceed.

26.  Conjecture on what gives each pearl a Sacred property.

One theory is that this may be noted on a number of levels with regard to the Megha Mani, and that these artifacts are largely very elaborate riddles that for whatever reason have waited until 2005 for the spirals to start unraveling, so to speak.  As with other cross-cultural mystery artifacts of human development, similar types of objects are often held as trophies between warring religious orders, tribes, temples, mosques, and churches.  We tend to see that today, new cross-cultural exchanges are being facilitated which open sharing and learning between a new generations of bearers open enough to forgive the past.

27.  Action plan for further research.

We were presented with the opportunity to interview bernadette of Daytona, Florida (mentioned in the Cobra Pearls section) about this artifact, that the biological/zoological contributor did not have enough background in to comment.

28.  Biological and Zoological review.

Few ideas, so referred to the rather unorthodox and subjective "gem psychic" associate, but with very interesting resulting insight.

29.  Final determinants.

This will be an ongoing field of examination, however the rather intangible field of Heavenly Clouds may be most accessible by others conversant in such concepts, leading somewhat back to comments by the mysterious "Stone Psychic" of Daytona.

The Cloud Pearl was placed before bernadette, again with no descriptions about what it was or where it came from, and amongst a group of stones.  She indicated that she could only speak what the stone told her.

She gravitated directly to the Cloud Pearl and picked it up, however while she held it, her hands continued to shake; unlike when she picked up other stones.  Her first words were indicating it was from a meditative hand from an ancient mold, and then likened it to "the discovery of Angelite in Peru during the 'harmonic convergence'" which, she indicated, "was the result of group meditation."

She pointed to a phenomeon we had observed in the Cloud Pearl, which is loosely an internal flat plane somewhere in the internal refraction as almost an inclusion.  She said that this is a "lightbrary" and had the ongoing property of forming itself "as a manifestation of desire and universal input" according to the form it was created in.  She compared this principle to breaking a double-terminated quartz crystal, as that over time the crystal would continue to grow and form double termination.

She then "channeled" the stone and said the following-

"That which is a cloud in the heat of heaven..."

"An imperfection of the perfection."

She said that the stone wanted to call itself elaborate names and had a somewhat 'boasty' personality.  She indicated that she heard a number of voices surrounding it, and not just one; that its creators may have not known what they were creating but that we would hope so.   She indicated that there was also a pink and mauve one somewhere, with a wave pattern and not a spiral one (which is similar to other observed artifacts we have reviewed in the non-Vedic tradition).

She indicated that what she had already deemed some form of "Cloud Pearl" was intended to sit on something which would then make it glow red and violet.  When asked what, it was some sort of sculpture, located far away from the point of origin.

She then concluded saying that the purpose of a Cloud Pearl was to take one point of view, then another point of view and arrive at a middle point.  When we asked if this meant as a "synthesizer" of opposite points of view, she took a few moments and then said, finally, no, as...

"The Magistrate."

30.  Conclusions

As the original legend of this particular collection mirrored this exact story, it lends support of the notion that this we are dealing with multiply authenticated Cloud Pearl artifacts; something that may take a while for science to catch up with.

The collection was conferred after a number of generations which treated the gems as heirlooms.  Hundreds of years ago, villagers found them underneath a piece of land that was being cleared for a family in Sumbawa, Indonesia.  Years prior, a master from China had done a group demonstration in Qi Gong practice over this plot.  He conjured a cloud, and then the onlookers watched it disappear into the ground.  When the gems were later found, the villagers recognized them as Cloud Pearls and attributed their existence to this event.

If Cloud Pearls can indeed function as an arbiter in bi-polar human strife, we would hope that placements would best occur in areas of entrenched fighting over heated issues.


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science:rocks and minereals questions (special properties) HELP?

okay so ive looked everywhere for this stuff and i cant find it.
here are the questions.

what are the special properties of:
1. flourite
2. sphalerite

3. how does the amount of space affect the apperance of a crystal?

4. identify the crystal shapes of these minerals:

any of those answers are great!

1. fluorite is the most colorful mineral and Fluorite has perfect octahedral cleavage, It has a hardness of 4, and it is transparent to translucent and has a vitreous luster.

2. sphalerite- important ore of zinc, hardness 3.5-4, Cleavage: perfect in six directions
Color: black to brown also yellow to red and very rarely colorless
Transparency: crystals are transparent to translucent,
Associated Minerals: Arsenopyrite, Barite, Chalcopyrite, Calcite, Dolomite, Fluorite, Galena, Magnetite, Pyrrhotite, Pyrite, Quartz, Siderite, and many other mineral verities

3. The amount of space available for a crystal to fill affects its final shape and size

4 mineral shapes
a. feldspar- Monoclinic (Flat tabular or prism-shaped crystals)
b. corundum- typical tapered shape and hexagonal cross section
c. calcite- many different shapes (dog tooth is one famous one)
d. galena- forms many crystal shapes

Where did you look "everywhere?" all of the is accessible in any mineral site on the web. You may have... You need more confidence in yourself. You probably know these answers already.

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The Esoteric Properties Of Purple Flourite

Purple fluorite is not just stunning. It's a strong healing tool. Though fluorite comes in different colours like green, grey, yellow and white, the most striking is the purple. There is a green and purple striped combination that is similarly beautiful. It doesn't need to be faceted to enhance its beauty either. It is a comparatively softer stone and is commonly carved into heart shapes and obelisks or pyramids.

The purple variety is employed by many psychics to enhance their mystic power in a reading. Some psychics keep it near their tarot cards or hold it in their hand while doing a reading. It is thought to make the connection between the human mind and the universal consciousness clearer. Occasionally it is placed between the eyebrows, on the 3rd eye, to promote spiritual vision. It accelerates spiritual awakening and increases self-respect. It also cleans the auric field so helping balance the chakras.

When placed in a room or worn on the body, fluorite absorbs negative energies and stops mystic pulls. Fluorite is also a forceful immune booster. It forestalls the veins from fat accumulations and cholesterol deposits. Placed on the bones and backbone fluorite, can be a superb stone for rheumatism sufferers. As it helps with psychological lucidity it can be used for senility.

Fluorite is also sometimes called fluorspar. The word means to flow. Fluorite is essentially fluorescent under ultraviolet light. Because it absorbs negativity, it should be cleaned frequently. Just holding it under running water for a short while will generally do the trick. You then wish to charge it in daylight for no less than thirty minutes to an hour. It can be found generally in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the US and in China. Most of the Purple and green fluorite we sell in the U.S. Comes from China. They're among the largest exporters of fluorite.

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Purple Flourite is considered a Stone for the third eye, bringing rationality to the intuitive qualities. It brings an orderly connection and conscious organisation to both mystic and spiritual growth. Assists in treatment of aberrations connected with the bone and bone marrow, expediting appropriate balancing in the body, bone and cellular structures. Helps to ready all of the bodies for healing.

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