Tuesday, 30 of May of 2017

Birthstones by month

January’s Birthstone: Garnet (Deep Red)

The January’s birthstone, the Garnet is a beautiful deep red coloured precious stone.  Its name is derived from the Latin word, "granatus", meaning seed.   This is because it resemblances the rich red coloured pomegranate seeds.  The Garnet is also though to symbolise love and safety.

February’s Birthstone: Amethyst (Purple)
The birthstone of February, Amethyst gives you a sense of power and security. Derived from the Greek word, "amethystos", the amethyst is sort to be a symbol of spirituality and piety as well as offering protection and giving you strength to overcome difficulties.

March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine (Pale Blue)
The name for Aquamarine is derived from the Roman word, "aqua" or water. This gem is a member of the beryl family and represents the power of healing.  This gem comes in various colours from blue-green to the light sky blue.  Giving a gift of this Aquamarine symbolises safety and security in relationships.

April’s Birthstone: Diamond (White)
A Diamonds transparency says it all. It can reflect and refract light in vibrant flashes. It is the hardest rock on earth and a gift t of a diamond symbolizes everlasting love.

May’s Birthstone: Emerald (Deep Green)
Emeralds are though to symbolize fertility and rebirth, love and beauty. Even though this precious stone is hard and durable, it has to be handled carefully as they may fracture easily. Wearing an emerald is though to bring wisdom, growth and patience.

June’s birthstone: Pearl (White)
The pearl is a gem of known for its beauty and elegance.  Being formed in a tiny mollusk, this is not really a stone at all but is classified as such because of its wide sue in jewellery.  Pearls have been worn for centuries by some of the most beautiful in the world.
July birthstone: Ruby (Red)
Rubies symbolise pure love and passion. Originated from the Corundum family, it is the second hardest rock after the diamond. The light from a Ruby is said to come from an internal flame which is never extinguished, just like pure love.

August birthstone: Peridot (Yellow Green)

Peridots are formed as a result of volcanic activity and usually found in the black sands of Hawaii. They were known by the Egyptians as the dazzling gem of the sun. Peridots are though to signify strength, inside an individual or within a relationship.

September’s birthstone: Blue Sapphire
Blue sapphires resemble a cloudless night sky. They are thought to have a sense of protectiveness against envy and bad thoughts. They are precious gemstone and can demand very high prices.

October’s birthstone: Opal (multi coloured)

Opals were treasured possessions in prehistoric times because of their beauty. They are considered to a symbol of faithfulness and confidence and responsible for producing a powerful energy.

November’s birthstone: Citrine (Yellow)
Citrine comes from an old French word, "citrin", which means lemon, and is belongs to the Quartz family.  It can symbolize hope and strength to help people cope with their lives. Citrine gemstones polish up nicely in a Rock Tumbler and can make lovely jewellery.

December’ birthstone: Blue Topaz (Blue)
Blue Topaz is thought to have a cooling energy for hot tempered minds. It can also stand for love and fidelity.  It is commonly found in Brazil, Mexico, and China.  Blue Topaz shows the colour of the sky reflected on the snow and produces a glowing feeling.