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Gems and Lapidary

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Lapidary is the art of cutting and polishing stones and is a well established hobby in the US. Its a wonderful craft for people of all ages who enjoy taking a rough stone and crafting into a polished gem.

The most popular form of lapidary is Rock Tumbling. This is an inexpensive way to take pebbles from the beach or even your back garden and turn them into lovely shiny pebbles which make momentos of your holiday, attractive house ornaments or jewelry.

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Making Cabochons ( or Cabachons) is also very popular with lapidary enthusiasts.  Cabochons can be oval or oblong in size and have a flat base.  These can then be easily made into rings or pendants as the Gem cutter usually uses a lapidary template to get the exact size of cabochon to fit into a ready made jewellery finding.

To cut a cabochon you need to buy a Cabbing Lapidary Machine.  See the latest deals we have for these from eBay on this site.

The other way of cutting gems is by faceting them.  This lapidary technique is used for transparent gems and usually the most precious gems such as rubies and diamonds.

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